Seeking social media champions for #ESAus2019

Are you planning to tweet or post your way through ESA 2019? Reach a wider audience with this chance to post directly from the official ESA accounts.

Ecology podcast supported by ESA Community Fund

Our ESA Community Fund members have voted, and we’re thrilled to announce the inaugural recipient of the ESA Community Fund grant on the theme of Ecology & Education is... Cherese Sonkkila from The University of Melbourne who has proposed to produce a podcast from the ESA 2019 Conference.

The nest best thing? What’s the best way to increase urban biodiversity?

Bringing more nature into our cities requires more than a few trees, with governments spending millions of dollars to increase urban biodiversity for the benefit people and the environment.

Join us in Tasmania for ESAus19

The ESAus19 Conference will be held in Launceston, Tasmania from 25-29 November, with post-graduate day on Sunday 24 November. Field trips and workshops will be held on Wednesday 27 November.

The theme for this year's conference is Ecology: science for practical solutions.

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