Media working group

Media working group chair: Euan Martin-Ritchie

Working group members:

  • Lesley Hughes
  • Sarah Bekessy
  • Jenny Martin
  • Ayesha Tulloch
  • Rebecca Rogers
  • Dejan Stojanovic
  • Toni Stevens (ESA Online Media Manager)
  • Gail Spina (ESA Executive Officer)


The overall Media Working Group objectives are:

  • To implement our media strategy in order to boost the media profile of the ESA, and more broadly, promote ecological knowledge and awareness in Australia
  • Promote key ESA initiatives and publications (i.e. Austral Ecology, Ecological Management and Restoration, ESA Hot Topics and The ESA Bulletin), which will include working closely with other relevant working groups and the science communication research chapter
  • Demonstrate the relevance of research by ESA members for helping to inform environmental management and policy
  • Provide online and in-person training opportunities for ESA members to enhance their science communication and media skills 

Detailed terms of reference