Awards & prizes

ESA 2018 Conference Student Prize Winners

Marilyn Fox Award for inaugural conference presentation

Blythe Vogel, University of Melbourne, Pollinator Observatories: citizen science to reconnect with nature in cities

ESA Wiley Outstanding Spoken Presentation

1st Prize: Matthew Hall, The University of Sydney, Behavioural shifts in urban populations of the Australian Brush-turkey (Alectura lathami)

2nd Prize: Stephanie Chen, The University of Sydney, Population biology with Plantago lanceolata – a focus on genetics and seed ecology

3rd Prize: Annette Cavanagh, LaTrobe University, The influence of awn morphology on native grass diaspore dispersal and burial

ESA Wiley Outstanding Speed Talk Presentation

Alex Maisey, LaTrobe University, The Superb Lyrebird: Farmer, Firefighter or Ecosystem Engineer?

Australian Flora Foundation Prize for a spoken paper on the biology or cultivation of an Australian plant

Sonya Geange, Australian National University, Phenotypic plasticity in a changing climate: a multispecies, multi-site investigation into plant functional traits

ESA Wiley EMR Student Prize for a spoken Presentation on management or restoration

Max Mallen-Cooper, UNSW Sydney, The effects of vertebrate engineers on terrestrial ecosystems: a global meta-analysis

Society for Conservation Biology Prize for a spoken presentation on conservation biology

Arabella Eyre, The University of Melbourne, A search for Leadbeater’s possums outside its known range, guided by SDMs and experts.

Science Communication Research Chapter Prize for an outstanding spoken paper demonstrating or discussing science communication

Alexandra Ross, NUSW Sydney, The Nailtail Nursery: A novel conservation strategy for endangered wallabies

Student prize for technology and modelling innovation in conservation

Malyon Bimler, The University of Queensland, Using networks to place plant interactions in the context of multispecies coexistence


Poster Prizes

ESA Wiley Outstanding Poster Presentation

1st Prize: Jessica Hodgson, Deakin University, Great bowerbirds as ecosystem engineers and niche constructors in semi-arid savannah

2nd Prize: Zoe Xirocostas, UNSW Sydney, Does the gender with the reduced sex chromosome die earlier?

3rd Prize: Laura Fernandez Winzer, Macquarie University, Direct and indirect community effects of an invasive plant pathogen (Austropuccinia psidii) in eastern Australian rainforests

ESA Wiley EMR Student Prize for a poster Presentation on management or restoration

Simon Verdon, La Trobe University, Triodia-dependent fauna do not follow the Triodia cover fire-response: Are we measuring Triodia structure correctly?

Australian Flora Foundation Prize for a poster on the biology or cultivation of an Australian plant

Laura Skates, University of Western Australia, Capturing imaginations and prey: using carnivorous plants to communicate botanical and ecological sciences