Awards & prizes

ESA 2019 Conference prize winners

Marilyn Fox Award for Inaugural Conference Presentation

Joshua Kestel, University Of Western Australia & Kings Park Science, Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions, Bird pollination of the catspaw (Anigozanthos humilis subsp. humilis) prospurrs independent of local flowering resources

ESA Wiley Outstanding Spoken Presentation

1st Prize: Emily McColl-Gausden, The University of Melbourne, The Great Australian Platypus Search: Using Environmental DNA to survey platypuses in south eastern Australia

2nd Prize: Catherine Bowler, The University Of Queensland, Using Bayesian frameworks to incorporate stochasticity into competition modelling and provide insights for applied ecology

3rd Prize: Dana Cusano, The University Of Queensland, The communication and behaviour of humpback whales in competitive groups on their breeding ground

ESA Wiley Outstanding Speed Talk Presentation

1st Prize (equal): Zara Marais, The University of Tasmania, Using natural capital accounting to build a business case for trees on farms 

1st Prize (equal): Ana Gracanin, University of Wollongong, The Selfie Trap: targeted camera trapping of small arboreal mammal species

3rd Prize: Camila Espejo, The University of Tasmania, Eco-immunology of the Tasmanian devil-DFTD interaction: the value of DFTD-derived exosomes

Australian Flora Foundation Prize for a Spoken Paper on the Biology or Cultivation of an Australian Plant

Catherine Dickson, Monash University, Variation and drivers of island-wide dieback in the sub-Antarctic Macquarie cushion plant

ESA Wiley EMR Student Prize for a Spoken Presentation on Management or Restoration

Annalie Dorph, The University Of Melbourne, Greater edge contrast in time since fire benefits mammal species richness

Society for Conservation Biology Prize for a Spoken Presentation on Conservation Biology

Anne Aulsebrook, The University of Melbourne, Streetlights disrupt sleep in black swans

Science Communication Research Chapter Prize for Most Creative Overall Presentation (People's Choice)

Cherese Sonkkila, The University of Melbourne, Naturally funny: when comedy and ecology meet

Student (or ECR) Prize for Technology and Modelling Innovation in Conservation

Scott Whitemore, The University of Tasmania, Automatic detection of bird species from environmental audio recordings using machine learning

Poster Prizes

ESA Wiley Outstanding Poster Presentation

1st Prize: Susan Everingham, UNSW Sydney, Time travelling seeds help uncover the impacts of climate change on plant species

2nd Prize: Richard McLellan, Charles Sturt University, Worth more alive than dead? The unknown ecosystem implications of 175 years of sandalwood exploitation

3rd Prize: Jingyi Ding, UNSW Sydney, Multiple trade-offs regulate the effects of woody plant removal on global rangelands functions

ESA Wiley EMR Student Prize for a poster Presentation on management or restoration

Jessica Ward-Jones, ANU, Impacts of feral horses and deer on an endangered woodland of Kosciuszko National Park

Australian Flora Foundation Prize for a poster on the biology or cultivation of an Australian plant

Philipa Alvarez, UTS, Effect of multiple heatwaves on seed germination in plant species of the Cumberland Plain Woodland