TERN - Terrestrial Ecosystem Research Network

The Terrestrial Ecosystem Research Network (TERN) is an overarching and integrated network designed to serve ecosystem research in Australia. It builds on significant past investments by scientists and governments to understand Australian ecosystems. It does this by focussing on collating, calibrating, validating and standardising existing data sets. TERN is also funding new research infrastructure and collection systems, expanding observation and monitoring programs into unrepresented ecosystems, and building digital infrastructure to store and publish this information in a form that can be searched and accessed freely under licenses that acknowledge the data provider(s) and build collaborative research.

  • A national collaboration of world-class researchers and infrastructure supporting the collection, storage, management and sharing of scientific data and knowledge.
  • Consists of a coordinating office, and seven facilities, covering key ecosystem features and processes in Australia.
  • Links ecosystem science and management through the Australian Centre for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis (ACEAS).
  • Vital to the understanding and sustainable management of Australian ecosystems.

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