Scientific committees

Scientific committees:

Australian Forestry Standards Technical Reference Committee
Dr Ross Peacock
NSW Dept of Environment and Climate Change,
c/o Dept Biological Science, Macquarie University

More information on the AFS Technical Reference Committee. You can also review the Attached Files at the bottom of this page.

National Committee for Ecology, Evolution and Conservation - Australian Academy of Science
Professor Kris French 
School of Biological Sciences, University of Wollongong  

New South Wales Scientific Committee
Dr Andrea Wilson 2013
Assoc. Prof. Peter Banks 2014-2016 (nominated)

The NSW Scientific Committee was established in 1996, following the enactment of the Threatened Species Conservation Act. It is an independent committee of scientists appointed by the Minister for the Environment. The Committee makes determinations about the populations, species, ecological communities and key threatening processes that are listed on the schedules of the Threatened Species Conservation Act. The current Chairperson of the Committee is Associate Professor Michelle Leishman.

Participation of ESA in the Committee’s work occurs through a member of the Society attending regular Committee meetings, and contributing to determinations. ESA members are encouraged to make nominations to the Committee not only for new listings, but also if they think that the status of any population, species or ecological community that is listed should be changed. For instance, members might recommend an increase or decrease in the threatened status (or removal) of populations, species or ecological communities from the Schedules. Members can also make nominations for Key Threatening Processes.

For more information visit the NSW Scientific Committee website.