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ESA One Day Symposium: December 4 2009 Canberra Shine Dome

'The Worlds of Ecology and Environmental Policy: never the two shall meet? '
held December 4, 2009, Canberra Shine Dome

Using Bush Fires as a Case -study for how the Ecological Society of Australia, Scientists and Policy-makers can bring these worlds together. The ESA hosted a one-day symposium  to explore the role the Society can play in fostering better connections. This will be held with the support of the Fenner School, on the ANU campus. The objectives of the day were to:

  • Identify the different perspectives of ecologists and policy-makers/implementers
  • Give ESA members and other ecologists an insight into how government decisions are made
  • Use fire as a thematic case-study for understanding successes and continuing gaps between the worlds of science and policy
  • Provide an opportunity for ESA members and others to share and exchange knowledge in this field, and facilitate connections between science and managers
  • Outline some new initiatives of the ESA in promoting connections and building capacity, and engage members in coming up with more ideas for how the Society can do more. The symposium was open to ESA members and others, and include a combination of presentations and workshops designed to capture your direct feedback and suggestions.