Plant-soil ecology

The idea for the ESA’s Plant-Soil Ecology Research Chapter (PSERC) was conceived at ESA16 conference in Fremantle as a response to ever growing community of ecologists in Australia who are interested in and working on plant-soil interactions in natural and agricultural ecosystems. 


Our understanding of interactions between plants and their microbial communities has grown exponentially during the past two decades. We have learned to appreciate the role of these linkages in patterns and processes influencing terrestrial ecosystems. Studies have demonstrated the important role that plant-soil interactions play in nutrient cycling, responses to global climate change and in plant invasions. These advances have improved our conceptual understanding of terrestrial ecosystem functioning and simultaneously have also raised many new questions.  


The goal of this research chapter is to facilitate communication, networking and collaboration between academics, early career researchers, students and anyone else who is interested in plant-soil interactions.