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2016 Photo Competition Winners

2016 Winners guide

Overall winner for the best single image.

Eucalypt galazy - Richard Dimon

Eucalypt galaxy - Richard dimon

Portfolio prize (best series of 5 photos)

Charles Davis

Charles Davis portfolio

When No-one's watching: remote camera images.

3rd Lachlan Fetterplace, Down in the deep, strange creatures creep

undersea remote camera

2nd Heather McGinness. Young fox in the afternoon sun

Fox caught on remote camera

1st Sheridan Martin. Temporary rock hole refuge in the desert.

Red tailed black cockatoo

Under the southern skies. Finalists in the landscape category. 

Dominic Ruefenacht. Night over rock pools.

Night photograph

Hayley Anderson. Karatha Coast River System

Aerial photograph of the Karatha coast river system

Jenny Davis. Mulga and spinifex

Mulga aerial shot

Charles Davis. Kings Creek

Kings Creek reflections

Charles Davis. Pelicans of the King Sound

PelicansRichard Wylie. The Remarkables at night

Night photograph of an outstanding rock featureUnder Southern Skies. Highly Commended.

Jenny Davis. Island, claypan within L. Amadeus

Island in a semi-dry lakeHeather McGinness. River red gums at sunset

River red gums

Under Southern Skies. Winners

3rd (joint) Nathan Emery. Incoming

Wave at sunset

3rd (joint) Judy Dunlop. Spider walk

lit cavern

2nd Nathan Emery. New horizons

Tassellated ocean shore

1st Richard Dimon. Eucalypt galaxy

Night shot of eucalypts
Out standing in the field. Ecologists in action. 

Highly commended. 

Henry Lydecker. Release before dawn

Ecologist releasing animal
Maggie J Watson. Reptile handling

Handling a baby snake
Rosalie Willacy. A bird in the hand

Handling a bird
Ina Geedicke. Spectral signal for early detection

Surveying in the field
Out standing in the field. Ecologists in action. Winners.

3rd. Charles Davis. Dr Fiona Dyer

Ecologist sampling

2nd Charles Davis. Elise Furlan eDNA testing

edNA testing in a canyon

1st. Sue Jaggar. Museum restoration

Painting an exhibit

Niches and hollows. Finalists in the biodiversity category. 

Charles Davis. An eagle's view

Aerial photograph above an eagle

Harrison Warne. Green-eyed tree frog


Charles Davis. Guthega wombat

Wombat walking across snow

Christina Zdenek. Defensive posture by Dendralaphis

Green snake rising

Christina Zdenek. Legs


Richard Wylie. Mining, mating, declines and regeneration

Undersea squid

Charles Davis. The ascent

Echidna walking up a snow bank

Niches and Hollows. HIghly commended. 

HC. Jannico Kelk. I'm just getting dressed

Shedding lizard

HC Stephen Zozoya. King of the crater

Lizard in outback Australia

Niches and Hollows. Winners

3rd. Jannico Kelk. From deep within


2nd. Jannico Kelk. Hitch'in a ride

Frog on a truck

1st. Robbie Bishop-Taylor. Antennae of the sinister moth