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2017 Photo Competition Winners

Ecologists in Action

1st Have you had your annual dental check-up?

Michael Smielak

Dental checkup?2nd Restraining the beast. 

Cameron Baker

Captured crocodile3rd Unexpected snow on Macquarie Island 

Nick Fitzgerald

Unexpected snow on Macquarie Island. Nick Fitzgerald​Niches and Hollows

1st Habitat down the drain, a Giant Banjo frog emerges for the night

Kristian Bell

Giant banjo frog by Kristian Bell2nd Black snake, black swamp

Kristian Bell

Red belly black snake at black swamp by Kristian Bell3rd The batrix reloaded 

Jannico Kelk

Bats by Jannico KelkUnder southern skies

1st Macquarie Island coast under the Aurora Australis 

Nick Fitzgerald

Macquarie Island and Aurora Australis by Nick Fitzgerald2nd Rock pool inhabitants

Alex Pike

Rock pool inhabitants by Alex Pike3rd A key in the mist

Nathan Emery

A key in the mist by Nathan EmeryOverall winner

The huntsman's new boots 

Kristian Bell

The huntsman's boots by Kristian BellPortfolio prize

Kristian Bell

When no one is watching

When no one is watching

1st Ray 1: check this out, I have x-ray vision. Ray 2: I don't think that's how x-ray vision works

Lachlan Fetterplace

Rays by Lachlan Fetterplace

2nd Sharing resources

Valentina Mella

Blinky and the echidna by Valentina Mella

3rd A monther and young at foot brush-tailed rock-wallaby having a rest

Jackie O'Sullivan

A mother and young at foot brush tailed rock-wallaby having a rest by Jackie O'Sullivan