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2018 Photo Competition shortlist

2018 Ecology in Action Photo Competition shortlist

Winners and runners up will be announced on Tuesday 27 November at the ESA Conference in Brisbane. Voting on the 'People's Choice" will also take place in that session at the Conference. 

Outstanding in the Field: Ecologists in Action

Lisa Evans – EYE witnessing nocturnal pollination
Douglas Gimesy – Looking for cats
Nicholas Chu – Night spotlight surveys with an alright view
Christine Fernance – Echidna tagging – a sticky business
Tamara Potter – Listening In To The Wandering Plains
Vivianna Miritis – Monitoring the mainland eastern barred bandicoot

Niches & Hollows: Adaptive Behaviour & Australian Biodiversity

Ali Moughnieh – Jumping Spider
Kristian Bell – The Toad and the Turtle

Michal Smielak – The gathering

Ali Moughnieh – Green Cuckoo Wasp defensive Curl
Kristian Bell – Shy Blue-Tongue
Ali Moughnieh – Hoverfly
Richard Wylie – Introduced
Kristian Bell – The Curious Possum

Beneath Southern Skies: Our Unique Australian Landscapes

Nathan Emery – Evening Fire
Matt Clancy – Stratum
Nathan Emery – Centennial Glen
Benjamin Wagner – Competition
Kristian Bell – Peaceful Falls
Amy-Marie Gilpin – Mt Solitary erupting
Kristian Bell – Misty Mountain Falls

Nicholas Chu – Acaccia anuera lit up by the moonlight and the Milky Way

Michal Smielak – Oxley Tamed Rivers
Nathan Emery – The Misty Mountain

A student's life in the field - celebrating 30 years of the Holsworth Endowment

Rosalie Willacy – Bird o'clock
Michal Smielak – Quollity control
Alexandra Ross – Sunset Tracking
McKinley Moens – Picture Perfect Pardalote
Patrick Taggart – Competition in action!
Cees Moens – Get Me Outta Here!
Tsz-Yan Lai – quadrats on dune