Get involved

As a member we encourage you to use the Society to connect with ecologists and facilitate activities that help meet the objectives of the ESA.

The ESA Board and Working Groups have an ambitious agenda for helping the ESA meet our objectives. Help your Society meet those objectives by taking on one of the roles that are currently vacant, or proposing new roles.

Contact the Executive Officer, Gail Spina (executiveofficer@ecolsoc.org.au) to discuss your potential contribution.

Current vacancies are advertised on the Working Groups page. 

To get involved, you can also:

  1. Join a Research Chapter in your area of interest
  2. Attend our annual conference to share your research, organise a symposium or run a workshop
  3. Suggest a Hot Topic - evidence-based syntheses of topics that are relevant to environmental policy development, land management 
  4. Run an event with ESA endorsement or sponsorship
  5. Offer to lead a new initiative. Please contact us if you have a new initiative that you could lead and would help meet the objectives of the ESA.