Public policy and outreach

The ESA's Constitution commits it to engaging with matters of public policy, particularly in: "promoting the application of ecological principles to the development, utilisation and conservation of natural resources" and "advising governmental and other agencies in matters where the application of ecological principles may be relevant to their planning and decision making processes".

As part of this work, the ESA engages with public policy consultations and matters of public interest that are relevant to ecology.

The ESA has a Policy Working Group that coordinates the Society's response to policy consultations and engagement with policymakers. We also encourage our members to have their say on issues relevant to their expertise, and to submit 'Hot Topics' that are relevant to environmental policy development, land management and to broadening the community's ecological knowledge base.

Below you will find past submissions or statements made by the ESA. If you'd like to know more about the ESA's Public Policy and Outreach work please contact our Policy Project Officer, Cara Marshall at policy@ecolsoc.org.au

Have your say

The ESA encourages its members to engage with policy development and consultation processes, to help promote the application of ecological principles and science in decision-making and natural resource management processes.

If you want to make a submission to any of the consultations but aren't sure how to go about this, please contact us at policy@ecolsoc.org.au.

If you want some tips to help you write a submission check out these resources from the Australian Government, The Change Toolkit and Our Community. Stay tuned for our detailed ‘Guide to engaging with your MP’ soon to be released!

Current consultations

If you know of a policy consultation that you think ESA members would be interested in, please email policy@ecolsoc.org.au  

Past submissions

Public policy consultations

Public Statements and Letters