Hairy crayfish; forest ghosts; Tarkine reflections; and more amazing nature images – ecology photo competition winners announced

Winning images from the annual Ecology in Action Photo Competition have been announced at the Ecological Society of Australia Conference in Launceston.

The winners were chosen from over 350 entries, capturing the diversity and beauty of Australia’s unique ecosystems, and the role of ecologists in unravelling their mysteries. The winner takes home a $500 cash prize, with cash prizes also awarded for the place getters in each category.

The overall winner, and 1st place in Niches & Hollows: Adaptive Behaviour & Australian Biodiversity - Animals (sub-category) went to Alex Pike, for his photo "Beautiful but Unknown"

This is Euastacus hirsutus, of the southern hairy crayfish. It's a beautifully striking crustacean that, like many of our Australian freshwater crayfish, is largely unknown. It's status is endangered, and it's only found along a 50km stretch of slow flowing streams along the Illawarra escarpment of NSW.

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