Applied Forest Ecology Research Assistant

Opportunity Type: 
Volunteer Opportunity
Closing Date: 
Tuesday, July 16, 2019

The volunteer will bring irreplaceable skills and experiences required for a dynamic working environment in Silviculture Research Institute (SRI). In the period 2019-2021, SRI is conducting a few large research projects that require both basic research and transferring the research results into practices. These researches are related to natural resource management for biodiversity, forest restoration and genetic conservation. In these projects, SRI requires higher level of knowledge transferring and research communication skills. The volunteer will help share lessons learnt from Australia and other countries on how to manage research projects and how to disseminate the results to various stakeholders. Due to the rise of the projects and the demands of the work, SRI’s are required to work more professionally and effectively. There are a number of aspects that SRI’s staff need to be constantly built: (1) research skills; (2) time and logistic management. Thus, the volunteers will share these experiences from Australian context with SRI’s staff. With English as the first language, the volunteer will create an English-speaking environment in SRI and help to improve the quality of English publications of SRI’s staff. Read more at