FAQs and links

Q. Is there a fee to join a RC?
A. At this stage, a membership fee does not apply to RCs.  However, this will be reviewed within the next 24 months, and a nominal fee may be brought in to support and subsidise RC events and activities.  ESA general members and RC members will have opportunities to participate in the discussion around potentially bringing in a membership fee before any changes are made.

Q. How do I know if other people are in a RC?
A. We will be working with the Conference Working Group, LOCs and Conference organisers to investigate options for making RC participants more visible at ESA annual conferences. This could possibly be by providing RC participants with a ribbon or other identifier that can be self-selected and added to their badge at the conference. The RCWG invites suggestions or feedback on other avenues they could explore.

Q. How do I connect with other RC people?
A. For individual RCs, their home pages on the ESA website web page will be the first point-of-call for information relating to that RC. Individual RC Convenors can facilitate connections between individuals.  To connect more broadly to RC members, or to learn about connections between RCs, the RCWG will be the first point of call.

Q. Does the ESA providing funding or other support for RC activities?
A. Currently, each RC can apply to the ESA for an amount of up to $1,000 per year to fund specific RC activities. This funding arrangement is currently under review and may change in the 2018/19 financial year. The ESA also provides other forms of support for RC activities, including options for accessing funding from additional sources. More detailed information about the financial and other forms of support for RC activities provided by ESA can be found on the following web pages:

Q. What do I do if a RC is flagging?
A. In the first instance talk to the current RC Convenor to find out if there is anything that can be done to help them in the role. If this is unsuccessful, members can also discuss potential options with the RCWG. Please contact VP-Research (VP3@ecolsoc.org.au) for guidance in relation to managing any conflicts in this regard. The ESA is developing a conflict resolution procedure that will soon be available on: https://www.ecolsoc.org.au/about-us/governance

Q. How do I start a new Research Chapter?
A. Where possible see if the RC you are interested in forming can be incorporated in an existing RC. Where this is not possible, discuss your idea with the RCWG who can provide additional assistance and guidance through the establishment process.

Q. How do I join an existing Research Chapter?
A. The web page of each RC will provide a link to add your details and join the RC. Otherwise contact the RC Convenor. Alternative, and potentially additional, mechanisms for joining an existing RC are currently being explored by the RCWG. These include a check box on the ESA membership renewal form or ESA Annual Conference registration form. Feedback from ESA general members and RC members will be sought before any changes are made.  In the meantime, suggestions or feedback related to these or alternative potential mechanisms are welcome and can be sent to the Chair of the RCWG.

Q. What do Research Chapter Convenors need to know?
A. All information regarding reporting expectations etc. should be covered in this Wiki. If there is information missing please contact the RCWG.

NOTE: These are links currently at various stages of content development. If you cannot find the information you need via the link, please contact the RCWG who can provide further information and add that content to the existing web pages for future reference.