What is the Research Chapter Working Group and what does it do?

In order to drive the RC initiative and resource these groups into the future the Research Chapter Working Group (RCWG) was developed in Dec 2015.

The RCWG aims to:

  • Provide ESA members with information about the different RCs, and how to be involved in them.
  • Provide a first point-of-contact for RC convenors to the ESA board/executive.
  • Enable RCs to share their successes/drawbacks with other RCs.
  • Develop greater media awareness (in collaboration with the ESA Media Working Group) of RCs and the work that they are undertaking.
  • Provide opportunities to fund collaborative RC events.

At present the RCWG has four members: Sacha Jellinek (Chair & ESA ordinary director), Emilie Ens (ESA general member), Ben Gooden (ESA general member) and Eleonora Egidi (ESA general member). It is overseen by the ESA’s VP-Research, Amy Hahs, who attends the meetings as an observer. These members are bound by the ESA RCWG Terms of Reference.